Alternative Wedding Rings

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Couples about to be married can find many unique alternative wedding rings that may suit their personality more than the classic gold band. While the majority of couples find they want to continue with the tradition of gold bands, there are many who decide on alternatives for various reasons.

4 Quick Tips To Planning a Fantastic Honeymoon

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The biggest event next to your wedding is about to happen: your honeymoon. By taking care and time in planning your honeymoon vacation ideas, you will have great memories for a lifetime!

Speak to Your Friends

Some of the best advice you can get is free! Speak to some of your friends that have recently taken their own honeymoons. They can fill you in on some of the information that they have already researched and save you a lot of time.

Honeymoon Experts and Travel agents

Finding Wedding Car Insurance

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Wedding car insurance is required by anyone who plans to have a vintage car for use on a wedding day. Many brides and grooms make the decision to be transported in a classic or vintage automobile. The car can be used to transport the couple to the wedding destination and the reception, and the use of a vintage car allows for an elegant arrival. You will need to have, at minimum, basic liability wedding insurance coverage on the car you use.

10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

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If you are interested in having your wedding and reception photographed you are going to want to hire a photographer specifically skilled in wedding photography. While photography for weddings can be done with simple disposable cameras by friends and family, it is a very different thing to have a professional photographer skilled in wedding photography taking your photographs.

Celtic and Irish Wedding Bands

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When a couple is looking for unique alternative wedding rings they always have a diverse selection to turn to if they opt for Celtic and Irish wedding bands. Celtic and Irish wedding bands have a long history, are beautiful, and stand out from traditional wedding rings. There are unique mens’ wedding rings and unique wedding ring sets for women with Celtic and Irish designs. Whether expressing one’s heritage or simply whether one is seeking unique alternative wedding rings, there is much to be appreciated when it comes to Celtic and Irish jewelry designs.

What Is A Honeymoon Registry?

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Honeymoon registries are, effectively, agencies specializing in offering honeymoons to newlywed couples. Some of them are mere tour operators that can book whatever trip is required, charging a middleman’s fee for the privilege. Others can provide a far broader service incorporating beach dinners, hot air balloon flights, first-class flights, restaurant gift certificates, over water bungalows, champagne, cab fares, and so on. A honeymoon registry such as Aruba Tourism can even organize jeep safaris.

Choosing Wedding Reception Locations

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Choosing a reception wedding site is always a major decision; you'll want the perfect location to host the wedding you have always envisioned. Thankfully, you can compare and research wedding reception locations online: doing so will allow you to identify the best venue to suit your reception needs. As you seek out wedding reception sites to compare, there are a few considerations that you face.

Professional Wedding Photography: Where To Start

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So, you have your photography wedding list of shots and wedding photography checklist in hand, and now you want to find a wedding photographer that can fulfill your photography requests with professionalism. Where do you start to look for a wedding photography professional? There are several options before you; you can sift through your phonebook, or you can use directories and photography websites online to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding needs.

Vintage Jewelry for Brides

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Old jewelry or estate jewelry is coveted by many people because the jewelry has a specific style or unique quality. Jewelry with vintage designs is also desirable because such pieces can be passed on to the next generation as heirlooms. Today, getting jewelry is easier than ever, especially if you shop online. You can find jewelry sellers and specialists offering an array of jewelry options from contemporary to new, to ultra modern or vintage.

Honeymoons in Asia

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Asia serves as a popular honeymoon destination for thousands of couples each year—couples can travel, explore, and learn about other cultures while they enjoy their special time together. Besides, what’s more romantic that traveling abroad with your new spouse?