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  • Printable Wedding Invitations

    Weddings can definitely prove expensive, but you can minimize your expensive in a prudent way if you are prudent about your spending. One method for saving hundreds of dollars is to make use of printable wedding invitations online.    Full Story »

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    Great Gifts for Brides

    Finding that special gift for the bride can be almost as challenging as finding the perfect wedding dress. In both cases, you want something that is the right style, the right fit and the right price. A unique gift idea can be an especially tough choice when you are the best friend or maid of honor, a close relative, the parents of the bride or the groom. Full Story »

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    Wedding Planners

    You have spent your life dreaming of this moment: you are engaged! Congratulations –now it's time to get to work and start planning the perfect wedding that until now you only dreamed about. Planning the perfect wedding can be daunting – the bride and groom must have an eye on every detail if the wedding is to be pulled off with the only hitch being that of the bride and groom!  Full Story »

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    Skin Care for Brides

    The first step in realizing the best skin care regimen for your upcoming wedding is setting aside ample time to prepare! You cannot wait a week before the wedding and expect glowing, healthy skin. The true road to becoming a beautiful bride is plenty of preparation.  Full Story »

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    Wedding Favors

    So you are finally sitting down and planning your big wedding day and reception and now you are faced with making a decision on the type of unique wedding favors you want. You will find that you have a plethora of fine choices when it comes to wedding favors, and you can easily locate inexpensive wedding favors that will make your guests more than happy that they attended your wedding.   Full Story »

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Buying Wedding Supplies in Bulk Online »

Are you trying to budget your wedding and hoping to spend the least amount of money possible on the most extravagant wedding you can afford? It's true, budgeting a wedding can be difficult and many couples watch the bills build up quickly. Before they know it their wedding expenditures have gotten completely out of hand.  Full Story »